DPW CleanStat

Cleanstat seeks to maximize efficiency in city-wide cleaning efforts through collaboration between the Departments of Solid Waste, Health Department, Department of Transportation, and Department of Housing and Community Development. The duties covered under Cleanstat include graffiti removal, abandoned lot cleaning, recycling pick-up, solid waste removal, and much more. By providing guidance on these crucial activities, Cleanstat works to provide the citizens of Baltimore with a clean and healthy environment by fostering solutions and ideas for better cleaning the city.

Reporting Metrics

Cleanstat provides data on the following topics in its template:

  • Personnel Data
  • Employee Leave
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Citizen Complaints
  • Mixed Refuse Collection by Crew
  • Overtime Breakdown
  • Sweeper Tonnage Performance
  • Vehicle Availability
  • Graffiti Removal Performance
  • Bulk Trash Performance
  • Recycling Performance