DPW Water and Waste Water

The Bureau of Water and Wastewater supplies drinking water to 1.8 million people in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area, treats wastewater, maintains the City’s storm drain system, and operates three Reservoir Watersheds, three Water Filtration Plants and two Wastewater Treatment Plants. Providing 265 million gallons of drinking water daily requires not only expert management of the City’s water supply, but also strong performance in maintaining a system of 3,400 miles of water mains through Baltimore City and Baltimore County, which also includes 19,000 fire hydrants. Collecting and treating 250 million gallons of wastewater each day through 3,100 miles of sanitary mains also necessitates high levels of expertise in both wastewater treatment and sewer maintenance. Storm water drains into the City’s separate 1,000-mile storm water system through 33,000 inlets. Throughout water supply and wastewater treatment, the City’s water and wastewater is skillfully managed at three reservoir watersheds and five plants. With 1,700 employees, Baltimore City’s Bureau of Water and Wastewater operates a large-scale water system with great efficiency and provides some of the best drinking water in the country – receiving an A grade for purity from Men’s Health Magazine in 2007.

Reporting Metrics

The Bureau of Water and Waste Water provides data on the following topics in its template:

  • Expenditures
  • Overtime
  • Personnel Data
  • Employees Leave
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Billing Statistics
  • Meter Shop Activity
  • Superintendent Performance
  • Investigator Performance

The Bureau Of Water And Waste Water Responds To The Following Service Requests (SRs):

Bureau Of Water And Waste Water Total

  • WW Citizen Complaint of Employees
  • WW Survey/Escalation

Construction Management Total

  • DPW-Steel Plate Complaint
  • DPW-Steel Plate Installed
  • DPW-Steel Plate Repair
  • WW-Pending Projects
  • WW-Surface Repair (Asphalt)
  • WW-Surface Repair (Sidewalk)

Meter Shop Total

  • WW Water Meter Cover
  • Missing/Damaged
  • WW Water Meter Leak
  • WW-Water Meter Installation
  • WW-Water Turn Off/On (Bill)
  • WW-Storm Manholes Repair
  • WW-Storm Routine Inlet Cleaning - Proactive
  • WW-Surface Repair (Landscape)
  • WW-Surface Repair (Masonry)

Storm Maintenance Total

  • WW Storm Damaged Inlet
  • WW Storm Flooded Street
  • WW Storm Inlet Choke
  • WW Storm Misc Investigation
  • WW Storm Water In Basement
  • WW-Storm Connection Choke
  • WW-Storm Damaged Inlet Connection
  • WW-Storm Mainline Choke
  • WW-Storm Mainline Dig
  • WW-Storm Manholes Clean

Water Investigations Total

  • WW Sewer Leak
  • WW Sewer Misc Investigation
  • WW Sewer Overflow
  • WW Sewer Water In Basement
  • WW Surface Repair
  • WW Water Leak (Exterior)
  • WW Water In Basement
  • WW-Water Lab Results

Water Maintenance Total

  • WW Hydrant Damaged
  • WW Hydrant Leaking
  • WW Rip Rap
  • WW-Hydrant Out Of Service
  • WW-Hydrant Repairs
  • WW-Surface Repair (Concrete)
  • WW-Water Joint Leak
  • WW-Water Leak To Locate
  • WW-Water Main Break
  • WW-Water Meter Vaults
  • WW-Water Service Repair
  • WW-Water Turn On/Off Maintenance
  • WW-Water Valve Vaults
  • WW-Water Valves

Water Quality Total

  • WW Water Odor / Bad Taste
  • WW-Water Referred to Water Lab

Water Supply Total

  • WW Hydrant Open
  • WW Water Discolored
  • WW Water Low Pressure
  • WW Water Noise In Pipe
  • WW Water Turn Off (Request)
  • WW Water Turn On (Request)
  • WW Water Turn On Seasonal
  • WW-Water Back Flush