GunStat is one part of a comprehensive strategy to curb the trafficking and possession of illegal guns in Baltimore. Key elements of the strategy include an illegal gun taskforce, legislation to create a gun offender registry, and the creation of GunStat.

GunStat closely tracks gun arrests and seizures, monitors the time it takes to analyze guns used in crimes, and provides information on the prosecution and sentencing for gun crimes in Baltimore. Participants include the Mayor’s Office of Baltimore City, Baltimore Police Department, Office of the Attorney General, the Department of Juvenile Services, the State’s Attorney Office, Maryland State Police, and the ATF.

Reporting Metrics

GunStat provides data on the following topics in its template:

  • Status of all gun charges in the City
  • Federally Significant Convictions
  • Juvenile Arrests
  • Gun seizures and locations
  • Gun Offender Registry Maintenance
  • Tracking case dispositions
  • Tracking federal indictments of gun offenders
  • Gun Offender Recidivism
  • Bail status
  • Case Postponements