Recreation & Parks

The Department of Recreation and Parks is responsible for providing the citizens of Baltimore with quality recreation programming at its 45 centers across the City.  The Department also maintains approximately 6,000 acres of park land and open space, and 300,000+ street trees in the City of Baltimore.

Reporting Metrics

Recreation and Parks provides data on the following topics in its template:

  • Expenditures
  • Overtime
  • Personnel Data
  • Employee Leave
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Grants
  • Forestry Performance
  • Office of Partnerships
  • Park Permits and Revenue
  • Special Facilities
  • Recreation Centers
  • Pools and Special Facilities
  • Risk Management

Transportation Responds To The Following Service Requests (SRs):

Department Of Recreation And Parks

  • R&P-Citizen Complaint of Employees
  • R&P-Survey/Escalation


  • Forestry Down Tree
  • Forestry Loose, Hanging or Down Limb
  • Forestry Stump Removal
  • Forestry Tree Planting
  • Forestry Tree Pruning
  • Forestry Tree Removal

Recreation And Parks

  • R&P Building Maintenance
  • R&P Bulk Trash Removal
  • R&P Custodial Light Bulbs Replacemen
  • R&P Custodial Pest Extermination
  • R&P Fire Extinguisher Services
  • R&P Floor Waxing Services
  • R&P Park Cleaning
  • R&P Park Maintenance